6 easy ideas to make the room more stylish

6 easy ideas to make the room more stylish

6 easy ideas to make the room more stylish

Decor tips: how to find a style for the room without breaking the bank!

Considered the most intimate room in the house, the bedroom is the space that most reflects our personality. With the choice of each piece of furniture, colour and decoration objects, we show our tastes and styles we identify ourselves with.

However, with so many decorating options, it may not always be easy to combine items harmoniously. With that in mind, we've put together six easy and inexpensive ideas to bring more style to your bedroom. Check it out below:

According to interior designer Danielle Colaghi, the first and most important step to bring style to the bedroom is to understand and identify what you like. “We need to get to know each other and understand our personalities, and thus define colour palettes and furniture design, not forgetting to look at what we already have and haven't had yet. Our choices and tastes say a lot about the style we identify ourselves with. Observe them and invest in items of this aesthetic so that everything is harmonious”, she recommends.

1. Colours

Changing the colour of the walls helps to renew the room and give it more personality. “Think of a palette of tones that you like and paint the walls geometrically or, if you prefer, just the ceiling and part of the wall”, suggests Danielle.

2. Lights

When we talk about decoration, adequate lighting is key. In addition to making the environment more stylish, investing in indirect lights can bring more coziness, helping to create a healthier sleep routine. “One idea is to invest in an wood panel for the headboard and use the socket to light an LED strip, creating an indirect light effect in the bedroom”, proposes the designer.

3. Technological room

Creating a connected room is another possibility to add more style to the bedroom. To bring a more technological feel, one option is to place the stereo on the bedside table and connect it to the virtual assistant.

4. Curtains


Curtains are a great choice for those who want to make the room more comfortable and personalised. With different prints and colours, the item makes the room lighting more pleasant and adaptable. “Installing a blackout blind and side shawls with a light gauze can help bring a feeling of coziness”, says Danielle.

5. Pictures

Filling the walls with pictures of different themes is a way to bring inspiration, beauty and personality to the room. Hang paintings, abstract figures, photos, drawings, phrases, places to visit or other themes you like.

6. Mirrors

In addition to contributing to the decor, mirrors can help create a sense of spaciousness in the room. The models are diverse: “for example, there are people who love a mirror framed with gold, classic and all handcrafted, but there are those who like a model cut in a geometric way and LED behind it – super modern”, comments the specialist.

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