Entrance Hall Colours: Should Entrance Halls be Light or Dark / Bold?

Entrance Hall Colours: Should Entrance Halls be Light or Dark / Bold?

Try your hand at these simple, yet effective ways of decorating the entrance hall.

There are a variety of entrance hall ideas out there, but adding colour in the entrance hall is an easy way to transform the area.

The entrance hall is the first space any guest sees in the home, it deserves some design attention, especially colour choices. 

As well as looking inviting in its own right, a entrance hall colour scheme should set the tone for the rest of your home. It's an area to show your personality. The best entrance hall colour ideas pay attention to the mood, size and natural light, so whether you go for something bold or serene, here are some entrance hall colour ideas to get you started.


The Bright 

No matter the size of your entrance hall, adding a splash of bright colour to a wall adds personality and charm. Warming it up with red-orange paint creates a cheerful, inviting atmosphere.

If you would rather your entrance hall were painted a more neutral color but still want to inject a pop of color, painting your front door is a great way to add character and charm to the space. Pick a contrasting color to the rest, or opt for a tonal colour for a more coordinated look. 

Yellow is known for creating feelings of happiness and creativity, the colour is the perfect choice for the entrance hall, as being greeted by this stimulating colour creates a positive and welcoming mood, ideal for that first area into the home. 

Look for uplifting shades that make you feel good. Colour should be able to make you have fun, and the entrance hall is the perfect place to experiment with colours that spark joy. 

Being imaginative with colour, a specialist finish or decorative effect is the perfect way to give your entrance hall individual style.

When choosing a colour for your entrance hall, don’t forget to look beyond the walls – consider the ceiling, window frames and mouldings and how they can be brought into the scheme.

If you would rather your entrance hall were painted a more neutral color but still want to inject a pop of color, painting your front door is a great way to add character and charm to the space. 


Embrace Neutrals

For a calming, relaxed style, opt for a muted, neutral colour palette, with shades of cream, grey and brown working well for neutral ideas.

If you want to add a bit of colour, pale pink can be always be guaranteed to lift spirits and create an inviting, welcoming space. If your entrance hall is on the smaller side or lacks natural light, picking a light shade like pale pink will make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Grey offer infinite possibilities for making spaces feel airy and relaxing, refined, and timeless, or elegantly sophisticated, but its also brings the feeling of calm. Dark greys can work well in light halls to create drama on arrival and make all adjacent rooms look spacious and bright.

Pale greys provide a softer alternative to whites, while deep dark greys are packed with drama allowing contrasting shades to pop against their bold backdrop. 

A Single Colour Palette

Perfect for small entrance halls, one colour serves well and the bold choice of one hue for floor and wall treatments can be very powerful. Keeping the floor within the same colour palette as the walls also helps to blend the room together – if nothing stands out, then your eye will flow around a space and in a narrow entrance hall this can be key to making it feel larger.

Green promises to renew your connection to nature and is said to evoke feelings of balance and vibrancy. It can work in a natural light but also in a dark or small entrance hall. 

You shouldn't be afraid to pair greens along the colour spectrum – all colours complement green. 

Calm, cool and collected, decorating with blue is win-win: not only does it make a beautiful base for a entrance hall colour scheme but it’s scientifically proven to be a subconsciously serene shade, making it the perfect choice.

Most colours go well with blue, although introducing warmer shades, such as yellow, orange and red will add warmth to the scheme where it might otherwise be lacking. 

Lighter colours will give the appearance of more space, while darker tones will bring the room in, although this can be good if it results in a cosier, more intimate feeling.

Be sure to view the entrance hall as an integral part of your home, and as such try to make sure it’s in harmony with any rooms leading off it, as well as with the stairway, balustrades and landing (when visible).


Should Entrance Halls be Light or Dark and Bold?  

Whether your entrance hall should be painted a light or dark colour can depend on factors such as the size of the space and how much natural light the room receives. If your entrance hall is on the smaller size or quite dark, opting for a light paint colour will make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Ultimately, it is completely up to you what colour you choose. The entrance hall is a great place to get creative and use colours that reflect the rest of the decorating scheme in your home, whether you opt for a light or dark colour, the space should reflect your personality and thoughtfully welcome you into the home.

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