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Sea Urchin Air Plant

Sea Urchin Air Plant

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This baby sea urchin air plant is a low maintenance display and will bring interest to children and adults alike.

Air plants love being placed in a bathroom or kitchen window (indirect light), and the steam/moisture will keep them happy!

This beautiful air plant makes a summery addition to anywhere in the house.

  • Sold individually
  • Expect variation in the appearance and size of each plant as they grow in different sizes.
  • Spray with water once a week


Plant and natural shell.


5cm wide x 8cm tall

Care information

If you are keeping your plants indoors, you will want to make sure that they are near an adequate light source. This can be within 3-5 feet of a window, or near an artificial light source. Take care to not let your air plants get too much direct sun, as this can be harmful, even in an indoor environment. If you are keeping your plants outside, make sure they are in a shaded area that does not receive full sun. There are only a few varieties that can handle direct sun.

Artificial light can also be a sufficient source, as long as the plants are not too far from the light and receive adequate amounts per day.

Place the plants face down in a bowl, sink, or container and lets soak for 10-20 minutes. Always take care to gently shake any excess water off the base of the plants, as sitting water can cause rot and damage/kill the plant. We recommend that you water the plants in the morning, and leave them out of their containers in an area that they can dry within 4 hours. Never let your air plant sit in water for a prolonged period of time. You can also water your plants using the "dunking" method, where you dunk the plants several times in the water, and gently shake off any excess.

When possible its best to use pond, aquarium, or rain water. Bottled water and spring water are also ok to use, but never use distilled or artificially softened water!

Leave the plant out from the sea urchin for several hours, until the plant is completely dry. You will damage the air plant if you return it to the sea urchin while still wet, as the base of the plant will be covered and will eventually rot. Feel free to mist lightly while still in the sea urchin!

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