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Mini Dried Flower Bouquets - Natural

Mini Dried Flower Bouquets - Natural

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Mini Bouquet in Natural is a sandy toned bunch that’s subtle and elegant. The handpicked selection of preserved flowers and foliage is curated to a professional standard.

The neutral brown and cream shades of the mixed bouquet make this product highly versatile in any setting.

All of our product images have been uploaded without the use of filters and are likely to be perceived differently depending on your screen.

Our dry flowers are completely natural and were preserved at the peak of their natural beauty.

Genuine flowers and foliage such as these could have cracks and other natural imperfections that are not considered defects.


    Dried flowers


    30cmx10cm Variations in size, shape and colour can exist between flora of the same batch and also from batch to batch.

    Care information

    Keep This item is meant for indoor use and exposure to the elements is likely to alter its appearance. To avoid discolouration, keep away from direct sunlight and store/display around room temperature. As time goes on, these flowers tend to wither and fade. You’ll find that lighter colours will discolour more than dark ones.

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